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We are in the torrent of the times,
Busy pursuit of survival and development:
Always and will always listen to the voices in my heart: go all the way, think all the way, create all the way, all the way back
Because of love, so all this is full of meaning...
Baofeng started its business in 2001 and grew up in the era of reform and opening up. In the past 15 years, we have always been aiming at creating user value and innovating all the way. From the first small factory of more than 30 people, it has developed into a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and after-sales service of handheld wireless walkie-talkies and accessories.
Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on R&D in the field of radio communication and is committed to continuous innovation of products. At present, our company already has a R&D team with rich experience in wireless communication field of about 50 people, and has launched the BAO FENG series of wireless walkie-talkies and related supporting products.
At present, the company has more than 1,000 employees, and has a production base covering an area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters. It has high-efficiency production strength and advanced quality control level. It is one of the major manufacturers of wireless communication equipment in the country.
The company has introduced advanced production technology and various modern high-tech equipment. The company has a fully automatic SMT placement machine assembly line, injection molding machine assembly line and integrated production line, and also uses advanced instruments to detect product performance, such as wireless integrated tester. , spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, oscilloscope, adjustable power supply, etc., to ensure the stability and high quality of product quality. The company strictly follows the ISO 9001: 2000 standard to arrange the production process, before each product leaves the factory Must undergo various rigorous tests, such as vibration test, pressure test, high and low temperature test, rain test, etc., to ensure that the product quality is 100% qualified. The company's latest products, UV-3R and UV-5R, passed the CE certification of the European Telecommunications Standards Committee (certification number: CE 0678) in March 2011, and passed the RoHS certification in April of the same year, marching for the company's products. The European market has laid a solid foundation. In May 2012, the new product UV-5R also passed the FCC certification of the US Federal Communications Commission and the European RoHS certification, paving the way for a large-scale entry into the US market.
At present, the BAOFENGBaofeng series products have been sold to markets all over China, and have a large number of agents, and have established a nationwide marketing network. In addition, most of BAOFENG's products are also exported to the United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and are favored by customers.
Baofeng's vision and mission is to become the industry leader, Baofeng's way of innovation. Its connotation is: Baofeng has always adhered to the business philosophy of building the most professional walkie-talkie manufacturer in China. Based on the tenet of "customer first, service first, reputation first", Baofeng strives to operate and forge ahead. With the concept of “unsuccessful enterprise, only the enterprise of the times”, Baofeng is committed to building a century-old enterprise with a long history.
Baofeng, because of the difference!

2017 annual tax payment of 5.39 million yuan



2016,Bao Feng won the outstanding contribution award

2015,In September, the company received a credit rating of enterprise credit rating

2015.11,Bao Feng company in November won the famous trademark in Fujian

2014,In December, the company was awarded the second vice president of Quanzhou Information Industry Association

2013,Bao Feng company was identified as the 2013 municipal business credit business

2012,In August , Baofeng launched a newly design and our first dual band transceiver with strong functions such as cross band dual watch and relayed forwarding confirmed

2012,In May, Baofeng's newest design UV-5R,3R got FCC Certificate Approval.


In April 2011, baofeng passed the EU RoHS certification, laying the foundation for the company's products to enter the European market.

In March 2011, baofeng's latest products passed the CE certification of the European Union.

In September 2010, Baofeng Company was awarded the vice president unit of Quanzhou Radio Interphone Industry Association.

In May 2010, baofeng launched the first dual-band dual-band LCD walkie-talkie, which rapidly increased the company's market share.

In September 2009, baofeng passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification and implemented standardized production.


In 2008, baofeng's products diversified and its market share gradually increased.

In 2007, baofeng introduced a semi-automatic injection molding production line to further enhance the company's research and development capabilities.

In 2006, baofeng was designated as the communication product of the 13th Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Race.

In 2005, baofeng introduced Japan's advanced SMT automatic placement machine production line, which is one of the few manufacturers of walkie-talkie manufacturers that can produce their own patches.

2017 - present

“Fujian Nan'an Baoyang Electronics Co., Ltd.” changed its name to “Fujian Baofeng Electronics Co., Ltd.”


In 2004, baofeng's factory area was expanded three times, and a modern, standardized production workshop and assembly line were established.

In 2002, baofeng launched the first self-developed professional walkie-talkie.

In 2001, Mr. Wang Jinding founded Baoan Electronics Co., Ltd. in Nan'an City, Fujian Province in Nan'an City, Fujian Province.

To build a corporate culture with an elite team;

to cultivate outstanding employees with a corporate culture;

tainable development with excellent employees;

promote industrial development with management products;

Pursuing enterprise benefits with industrial development;

condensing outstanding talents with enterprise benefits;



Become the leader in the global walkie-talkie industry

Adhering to and carrying forward the spirit of "swearing to be the first in the industry, dare to be the first in the world"; to explore the development of the walkie-talkie industry with reform and leaps and bounds, tough, never give up, climb the peak. In the continuous progress, it affects the development of the global walkie-talkie industry, writes history; becomes a world-class outstanding enterprise in the walkie-talkie industry.


Fashionable and colorful, perfect communication, unlimited edition!

With advanced technology, baofeng explores the beauty of technology in the field of walkie-talkies, develops brand innovation spirit, and continuously supplies domestic and foreign customers with rich quality and high-quality products. With leading market scale, proud business performance and influential The industrial chain and the attitude of honesty cast a strong brand effect; bear the responsibility to the society and return the society with the true feelings.

Core values

Integrity, trustworthiness, harmony, innovation

Our corporate ethics: Responsibility, credibility, and commitment; our philosophy of self-discipline: self-discipline, self-respect, self-love, self-transcendence; our team philosophy: respect, unity, trust, sharing; our quality concept: quality is life Quality is image, quality is benefit; people-oriented, scientific management, continuous innovation, mutual benefit and win-win.

Business philosophy

Lean refinement, integrity management

Modest and pragmatic, jingjing industry, excellence, integrity management; customer first, employee focus, social supremacy, is the cornerstone of our development.