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Maintenance staff
Working place:
Fujian Province - Quanzhou City - Nan'an City
Affiliate department:
Recruiting number:
Job nature:
Full time
Years of working:
Less than one year
Education background:
No limit
No limit
Release time:
2018/04/24 16:13
Post description:
Job Responsibilities:
1. Repair the faulty machine in time to ensure the smooth progress of production, collect, analyze and transmit fault information in time, assist the production line to take effective preventive measures or corrective measures, eliminate hidden troubles or prevent recurrence of faults;
2. Strictly abide by the provisions of the "Typical Process for Maintenance Stations" document;
3, the failure of the machine to be repaired thoroughly (including process regulations) to minimize misjudgments and losses.
job requirements:
1, male or female, high school / secondary school education, age between 20-45 years old, healthy, able to adapt to overtime;
2, love maintenance work, have a strong sense of responsibility and quality awareness, can strictly abide by the product's technical regulations;
3, have a certain knowledge of production technology, familiar with the quality characteristics of the unit's products, process procedures;
4, can bear hardships and stand hard work, have a team spirit, strong principles, strong ability to accept, can quickly master functional maintenance;
5, there are electronic factory maintenance experience can be paid training, the trial period of 1-3 months. Those who have experience in the maintenance of walkie-talkie functions are exempt from the trial period.
Salary and benefits:
1. Work for one year, rewarding the working age award of 100 yuan (increasing 50 yuan per year, 300 yuan cap).
2. The company provides accommodation free of charge (apartment dormitory, fully equipped, water heater, toilet, bath room)