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How to deal with the machine after entering the water?

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2019-03-26 10:36
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Immediately after the machine enters the water, the battery should be unplugged, the water should be forced out, blown dry in a dry and ventilated place, and sent to the repair station for repair in the shortest time.
Treatment Case 1: How to repair the water inlet?
First disassemble the machine, disassemble all external parts one by one (such as buttons, PTT glue, light guide column, etc.), carefully clean the circuit board with absolute alcohol or special wash water, dry it, and clean the circuit with small tools. Stains on the board; then soaked in anhydrous alcohol, conditionally cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner; then removed with a hair dryer (note that the temperature is not too high), and check the board for damage, if there is a wire break To connect with a thin enameled wire, use a three-meter to measure the resistance of the positive and negative terminals of the power supply. Do not short circuit or open circuit (power on, view current, normal 40MA or so, no less than 1000mA when transmitting); Finally, check the antenna port Whether it is dirty, if it is dirty, clean it up, and if there are other faults, follow the routine maintenance. Water inlets with severe corrosion to the circuit are generally not repairable, so the machine should be disposed of in time after entering the water.