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Fusion Emergency Command and Control System

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Convergence emergency command and dispatch system network topology

The most important functions of the integrated emergency command and dispatch system are the public network intercom system in the form of broadband communication, and the private network intercom system in the form of narrowband communication. The multi-network converged gateway is used for wide-narrowband converged communication. Breaking the barriers of complete blocking between different networks, and realizing the interconnection and intercommunication between the private network intercom terminal and the public network intercom terminal, which can meet the customization requirements, the integration requirements of the island system, and the functional integration for industrial applications.

The main functions of the integrated emergency command and dispatch system

Scheduling management platform

First, realize a network, a picture, a platform, realize a variety of network convergence communication, and comprehensively dispatch and command. Meet the central leadership emergency command, real-time location tracking, live video back transmission, cluster scheduling command, etc. (Multi-sector cross-regional hierarchical management dispatching command)


Converged gateway

Second, the application of the fusion gateway, can open the public network mobile "and intercom" and public security fire power and other professional departments of digital private network intercom system, to achieve cross-network linkage, integrated scheduling, comprehensive coverage.

Satellite Communications

Third, the use of portable communication satellites to provide broadband links. Portable applications that restore mobile phone signal coverage within the coverage of the base station. Digital private network intercom extended coverage and other multi-scene multiplexing.

Private network equipment

Four, providing dedicated network security for emergency scenarios. It has a variety of forms such as handhelds, backpacks, and portable devices. And support the old (original terminal) and the private network system seamlessly docked.

IOT application extensions

Fives, the advantages of using NB to collect a variety of data and digital private network + public network to ensure that the transmission link to collect big data. Usually reported by the public network to the server, when the public network is disconnected from the network, the data of the important data points are transmitted to the server.


Integrated emergency command and dispatch system platform function

Multi-network integration scenarios intercom system

In the operators, municipalities, railways, firefighting, electric power, meteorology, water conservancy and other industry users who need to conduct daily inspections and inspections, especially in the remote areas. The system can effectively solve the problem of weak signal and no coverage.

In the usual private network intercom as a mountain, scenic, special parts communication means, the public network as a part of the city, the main road and other means of communication;

In an emergency situation, such as rescue and disaster relief, when the communication in the rescue area is blocked, the personnel in the disaster area communicate through the private network system in the disaster area. At the same time, the mobile area is built by the mobile portable private network relay, multi-network convergence gateway, and combined with portable The satellite transmission equipment realizes the purpose of intercommunication between the public network and the rear of the public network through the satellite link, ensuring the smooth operation of command and dispatch and emergency communication.


Multi-network convergence intercom system application scenario (public security)



Multi-network convergence intercom system application scenario (human defense dual system)

Fusion emergency command and dispatch system application scenario

Emergency industry

In the development of national emergency industry, emergency communication is an important development direction.

Handling emergencies

Emergency management of public emergencies, major activity support, etc.

Post-disaster relief

Earthquake relief, flood fighting, geological disaster disposal, saving people's lives and property, etc.

Industrial rescue

Power transmission emergency, traffic roads, communication facilities rescue, mobile phone base station emergency communication, etc.

Field work

Geological exploration, oil drilling, field engineering construction, etc.

Fire fighting

Forest fire prevention, fire fighting, disaster relief, etc.


Convergence emergency dispatch system applicable unit


Convergence emergency dispatch system applicable unit