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Public network emergency

Key words�
Public network communication scenario solution (network topology)

China Mobile's "and intercom" service is based on the half-duplex voice intercom using mobile phone communication network using VoIP technology, providing group scheduling communication function for group customers, realizing one-to-one and one-to-many cluster communication within the group. Back-end scheduling management and other functions.

Public network scene communication solution (system architecture)

Platform cloud north-south hot standby deployment, mobile cloud provides stable service

Database cloud deployment, no need to build it yourself

Support 2/3/4G public network access, comprehensive coverage

Large market card or IoT card, independent terminal or third-party storage terminal accessibility

Support APN

SIM card

Internet of Things card

Large net



Large network dedicated




Dedicated province

Support provincial self-built



Public network scene communication solution (solving ability)

China Mobile's "and intercom" is the use of a well-established operator's 4G wireless communication network, which can realize ultra-long-distance service transmission. In addition, high-bandwidth wireless network coverage solves the original communication mode mainly based on voice signals. Multimedia applications such as images, videos, and positioning have been fully utilized.
The unprecedented information mobility advantage brought by intelligent devices, the smart phone has one hand, and the mobile phone can be used as a walkie-talkie.